What is your student doing this summer?

Academic challenges don’t have to end in May. Build practical and competitive skills in a fun and safe environment with the help of the country’s sharpest debate minds.

Why Do Students and Parents Love Debate?

Public Speaking

Our students graduate more comfortable and effective presenting complex ideas in front of a critical audience

Critical Thinking

Grow more confident tackling problems by asking the right questions, organizing expert-level information, and applying analysis to global problems

Reading and Writing

Each day students engage in activities that push and hone their ability to process challenging material and synthesize their analyses into spoken and written word.

Research and Analysis

Focused practice identifying, locating, and processing data to solve today’s global challenges.

Competitive Debate

Learn effective strategies from the country’s top debate minds to be more successful in both policy and public forum competitive debate formats

Professional Development

Workshops are available for teachers, coaches, and other professionals looking to become more effective as mentors for developing minds

Over 25 years of student success stories

There’s a bunch of things that debate can give you, but two of the most important are self-confidence and an understanding of the world around you.

Middle School Student
Middle School StudentHigh Meadows Alumni

[Debate] has helped me learn skills necessary to engage with other people and have the critical reading skills to ensure that school is a breeze.

High School Student
High School StudentAUDI Alumni

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